Why we wanted the Warriors to win


Steph Curry celebrating his first ever NBA Championship (Photo: Getty Images)

Now that the Golden State Warriors have won the NBA championship we can finally admit it. We wanted them to win it.

It has nothing to do with being anti-Cleveland, anti-Eastern-Conference or even anti-LeBron. This is not a conspiracy. We know there are tons of LeBron James fans out there (some of them in our office even) and we would like to assure these fans this is not a personal vendetta against King James.

This is about our firm belief that the best team should always win the NBA championship. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Sometimes one shot, one turnover in a Game 7 situation can decide everything. Sometimes one great player can tip the scale one way or the other. This year it almost happened again! LeBron James is so good he basically carried the Cavs to the Finals all by himself. If the Cavs would have won the whole thing, it would have been only because they have the best player in the world playing for them. They did not have the better team. In fact the Cavaliers had arguably the worst talent ever assembled in NBA Finals history.


David vs Goliath. (Photo: Getty Images)

Now, if Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love would have been healthy it’d be another matter entirely. But let’s deal with the situation at hand. Fact is the Warriors were the best team in the league throughout the year and Steph Curry played his little heart out.

Blessed with an incredible shot, uncanny handles and the heart of a lion Steph Curry is a hero we can all identify with. He could very well be us! This is an NBA Star who is neither particularly tall, nor powerful. He doesn’t look like Captain America or the Hulk. He is just a regular dude. His physical traits do not distinguish him from the guy who was sitting next to you on the train this morning or the man that you just saw walking by your window.


Strong to the hoop. (Photo: Getty Images)

Steph Curry is everybody. At least he could be. He is an exceptional shooter because he worked on his shot, he is a great ballhandler because he keeps perfecting his handles. There is nothing about him that makes you say, damn I will never be able to do that.

Truth is if you want to build the body of a basketball player, LeBron is your blueprint. If you like to fill that body with skill, you would be crazy not to give him Curry’s shot and handles.

Steph Curry is the perfect example how you become a great basketball player by working on your craft even when virtually everybody around you is taller and stronger.

That’s why KICKZ loves Steph Curry. And that’s why it’s great the Warriors won. They’ve earned it. Don’t hate. Appreciate.



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