• Jordan Super.Fly 4 "Marvin the Martian"

Jordan Super.Fly 4 “Marvin the Martian”

Marvin the Martian is back! The beloved Looney Tunes character, probably best known to basketball fans as the referee in “Space Jam”, makes a comeback with Jordan Brand. We’ve seen a reminiscence to the martian colorway on the remastered version of the Air Jordan VII Retro earlier this year. But now it’s time for another Jordan Brand testimonial to shine. Throughout the NBA, players live in fear of appearing on the next Blake Griffin poster – being dunked on in the fiercest manner imaginable. The upcoming season might proof to be even more terrifying as BG is lacing his new Jordan Super.Fly 4. To allow him to be even quicker and more explosive Jordan updated the FlightPlate technology of the predecessor to something now called FlightSpeed. Equipped with Nike Zoom Air the cushioning system’s energy return gives you the edge on the first step, gives you that extra lift and allows you to bounce back quickly after every jump. All this explosive energy is contained by a revamped heel counter for advanced stability.

According to Nike’s story line, Marvin the Martian got wind of the Super.Fly 4’s innovations and is looking to adopt it as his new super weapon to finally conquer earth. He even challenged Blake Griffin to a Slam Dunk Contest – winner takes earth. Whether you enjoy the nostalgia of this Looney Tunes craze or not – the new Jordan Super.Fly 4 is a great basketball shoe for big, powerful players like BG. The “Marvin the Martian” as well as an alternative colorway will be available on August 5th, 9 AM (CEST) on KICKZ.com!

Update: The Slam Dunk Contest is here! The dunk to end all dunks!

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