Nike LeBron Signature Shoes – A timeline

So here we go again. LeBron James is back for his 13th season in the NBA. So while many would consider that an unlucky number, the King of basketball is clearly all focused on his primary goal for the rest of his career: bringing an NBA championship to the city of Cleveland. Doing so will not only require the help of his teammates, but also the support of an outstanding basketball shoe. Lucky him, he’s been a Nike flagship for the past twelve seasons and his signature line is by far the best selling one in the NBA these days. So this upcoming version is only the continuation of a successful story written by the arguably best basketball player of the decade (this Kobe guy definitely has reason to appeal) and the biggest sports corporation there is.

As we are exited to hit the hardwood in our new Nike LeBron 13’s, we’d like to take a moment and have a look back on the past twelve models, the first one being released all the way back in 2003 when LeBron was drafted the number one pick straight out of high school. Nike didn’t miss a beat then and signed the top prospect for a endorsement deal worth $90 million. By many considered a risky move, James proved worthy and his shoes have generated Nike major incomes in every single season. The way LeBron’s game developed, so did his kicks and this timeline can be seen as a good example for the change of basketball performance shoes in the course of time.

So let’s head back to a time, when the “Nike LeBron 1” was still called “Nike Air Zoom Generation”, the King’s jerseys were bought, not burned and that infamous headband was still right above his eyebrows.

“Nike LeBron 1” Air Zoom Generation: 2003-04
“Nike LeBron 2” Zoom LeBron II: 2004-05
“Nike LeBron 3” Zoom LeBron III: 2005-06
“Nike LeBron 4” Zoom LeBron IV: 2006-07
“Nike LeBron 5” Zoom LeBron V: 2007-08
“Nike LeBron 6” Air Max LeBron VI: 2008-09
“Nike LeBron 7” Air Max LeBron VII: 2009-10
“Nike LeBron 8” Air Max LeBron 8: 2010-11
“Nike LeBron 9” LeBron 9: 2011-12
“Nike LeBron 10” LeBron X: 2012-13
Nike LeBron 11” LeBron 11: 2013-14
Nike LeBron 12” LeBron 12: 2014-15
Nike LeBron 13” LeBron 13: 2015-16

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  1. david.cekada@hotmail.com' David Reply

    Could you tell me how much I could get on LeBron IV China red, without a box and worn once?

    Thank you 🙂

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