Sneakerboots – What are those?

The cold weather season is upon us, bringing along it’s buddies snow, rain and plenty puddles of mud. With the change of conditions also comes a change in apparel. As a sneakerhead keeping your feet warm and dry obviously should be one of your highest priorities. So if you want to continue leaving the house in great style, that leaves you with about three valid options:

  1. Follow the current fashion trend and buy a pair of sturdy outdoor boots, like Timberlands, Doc Martens or Palladiums.
  2. If you cannot abandon your beloved Nike Airs, Chucks, Air Jordan‘s or other common sneakers and if the weather conditions ain’t too bad yet, you could buy a sneaker protection spray, which is a really viable method, to keep away the dirt for small money.
  3. Then again, this method will keep your kicks clean, but not necessarily warm and cozy. So what else can you do? Have you heard of Sneakerboots yet? No? Perfect, keep reading, this might be just the alternative you were looking for!


Sneakerboots have been on the market for a couple of years now, Nike being the premier brand to push the progress of this rather small segment of the shoe market. The shoe itself copies the existing style of sneaker classics, such as Nike Air Max 90 or the Nike Roshe One just to name a pair. The big difference in the sneakerboot version of the shoe is often the outsole, which provides way more traction and support than the regular sole would do. Also the collar often comes up higher, to repel snow and water alike. The inside of the shoes uses thicker and more isolating materials to keep the foot warm, no matter what the outside conditions may be. So the boot may look like your favorite classic, but in detail is made specifically to meet the colder environment of winter.


In general sneakerboots are a great way to stand out visually, while walking away in comfort even during poor weather conditions. It is that combination plus a relatively affordable price tag which makes them a great pick-up at KICKZ.COM.


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