Adidas Boost – Reinventing traditional cushioning

The NBA is about to return, bringing along some desperately awaited basketball shoe releases. One of them is the adidas D Rose 6 Boost, which is only the latest installment of a very successful basketball sneaker line. Adidas has shown its will, to become a major player in the basketball sector once again. Doing so requires the right athletes as well as the right technology. With Derrick Rose they definitely locked up one of the best players in the game. And concerning technology they came up with a real game changer back in 2013. BOOST!

Boost was initially developed for the running shoe segment, which is known to be one of the biggest and most competitive in the whole sports industry. Ever since German pioneer Adi Dassler introduced his first running shoe in 1920, which was made out of linen and sold for two Reichsmark, the running department has been engraved in adidas genes. Dassler was also the first one to establish a guideline for the production of all of his shoes, which reads like the following: ideal adaption of the shoe to the specific sport, preservation of health and longevity of the shoe. A lot of time has past since and many companies have come up with the plan to create the perfect shoe.


Especially the preservation of health factor has come into account, as excessive running and jumping does take its toll on the joints of the body. Many companies have since come up with plans to limit the damage by providing further cushioning in the shoe. Various options like Gel (ASICS), AIR (Nike), W.H.U.I.T.A. and W.L.O.T.C. (K1X) or EVA (pretty much any current running shoe model there is) have hit the market.


Then adidas came up with Boost, which is a groundbreaking innovation in cushioning. It provides more energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry, combining soft comfort with responsive energy for the ultimate running experience. It was engineered to withstand the cold same as the heat and keep its performance level high, even after countless kilometers of track. The resistance towards changing weather conditions is an important factor, as EVA for comparison is known to show decreased performance under extreme temperatures.


The technology was made possibly after adidas teamed up with the world’s largest multi national chemical company BASF, which is also headquartered in Germany. During a three year span they would develop a method on molding together thousands of small TPU – pellets (thermoplastic polyurethane), which they called ‘energy capsules’, to create the now famous Boost midsole.


After the D Rose 5 Boost became the first D Rose model to feature the Boost-Technology, the 6th installment of Derrick Rose’s signature line will feature a Boost-Midsole for the entire length of the shoe, keeping every step you take charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy. It also has a slim textile upper for lightweight and a convenient lockdown. The heel features a cage for stability, as well as a premium D Rose signature logo. The grippy rubber outsole makes sure that you won’t have any issues with sliding around on court. Overall the shoes seems to be a perfect fit for a superstar guard like Rose and hopefully help him to make a deep run into the playoffs and maybe a shot at the championship!

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