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KICKZ on Court Part I – NBA Opening Night

Finally, the long wait is over and the NBA is back! 6 teams returned to action on opening night, including the reigning champions Golden State Warriors as well as their Finals opponents of the Cleveland Cavaliers. To celebrate the return of the game we all love, we at KICKZ.COM decided to bring you something special. Each week we’ll give you an overview of the hottest sneakers the players are wearing on-court in the NBA.

We start with opening night and of course we wanna celebrate the champs who got their rings last night. Steph Curry had a marvelous season and he’s picking up right where he left off scoring 40 points in the opener against the New Orleans Pelicans.  Shooting, dribbling, passing, driving to the rim – it’s simply a joy to watch him play. Last night he wore his new Under Armour Curry 2 in the “Home” colorway.

Though his game wasn’t nearly as impressive Nate Robinson has a reputation for busting out sneakers that others rather keep behind glass and would not think even 1 second of wearing them on-court. Last night he broke out the Air Jordan XII “All-White”.

We’ll surely do a Nate Robinson special in the near future as he’s really one of the craziest guys when it comes to on-court shoe game. During the pre-season he had already worn the Air Jordan XI “Concord” and the Air Jordan X “Chicago” while playing for the Pelicans.

LeBron James is trying to finally bring the championship to Cleveland this year. He had a good first game though the Cavs came up short in a tough loss versus the Chicago Bulls. LeBron was sporting his new Nike signature shoe, the LeBron XIII in an upcoming colorway.

In this closely fought game between the Cavs and the Bulls we also saw the comeback of Derrick Rose wearing a face mask to protect his recently fractured left orbital bone. He said that he’s still dealing with blurred vision which makes his performance even more impressive. Like LeBron, he was, of course, wearing his new signature shoe last night. The Adidas D Rose 6 Boost is sporting springy boost cushioning in the heel and for the first time also in the forefoot.

So we had Stephen Curry and LeBron already. Another player who is a top contender for this year’s MVP trophy is, of course, Anthony Davis. The Power Forward was the Pelicans’ top-scorer in the loss against the Warriors. It’s hard to believe but he puts those great numbers on the board each night while wearing the relatively affordable Nike Air Max Audacity.

One player that tremendously helped the Bulls in winning against Eastern Conference rival Cavs was Jimmy Butler who came out of the game as Chicago’s third-best scorer of the night. His acrobatics will surely be a part of every highlight video. He was wearing the Jordan Super.Fly 4 which is usually associated with Blake Griffin who was involved in its design process. It’s definitely a shoe for high-flyers.

Our German hero Dennis Schröder had a great game against the Detroit Pistons. Surprisingly, he played 25 minutes and became the Hawks’ top-scorer with 20 points. As usual, he was wearing a customized version of the Nike Kyrie 1.

Last but not least, Marcus Morris had a great night and helped his Detroit Pistons secure the win over the Atlanta Hawks with a double-double. Even more impressive than his game was his footwear. He was wearing the Air Jordan XI “Cool Grey”.

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