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How good is Steph Curry? The answer to that question is fairly simple. Right now, he is the best.

The 27-year old point guard of the Golden State Warriors is tearing up the league, seemingly dominating his opposition at will. In what looks to become a historic season for his team, Curry is currently (no pun intended) first in categories that are usually reserved for players that always had a “bigger” name like Kevin Durant, James Harden or LeBron James. But times have changed. The 7th overall pick of the 2009 Draft is competing on a whole ‘nother level and pulling the Warriors along with him.


But what exactly is it that separates him from the rest? Fundamentals. In a league that has become increasingly athletic, Steph Curry is the master of a weapon young players have often trouble developing: Shooting off the dribble. Curry’s shooting technique is flawless and his range beyond anything the league has ever seen. In fact, he regularly hits half-court shots without breaking a sweat. But the most underrated aspect of Steph’s game is his ball handling ability. Paired with lightning quick speed, Curry blows by defenders and gets to anywhere on the court in seconds. Once he’s open, it’s over. Splash.

Having been overlooked for most of his career (highschool, college and pros) Steph Curry seems to fuel his drive with anger and defiance. Too short, too skinny, too weak, not athletic … Curry has heard it all, memorized the hate and lets his game silence the doubters time and time again.

It is this relentless drive to be better and his take-no-prisoners attitude that made him one of the most popular NBA players in less than 24 months. The spectacular and extremely entertaining run and gun style of the Warriors is tailor-made for TV and has earned the respect of more than a handful East coast squads which feature a more traditional basketball approach.

So coming back to the question, how good is Steph Curry? Given the fact that he single-handedly revolutionized not only his position, but also influenced the way franchises set up their team future for “small ball” to emulate the Warriors style, #SC30 is a game changer. And so are his shoes.

Under Armour Curry 2


Just like his basketball game has exploded within just two years, Curry’s basketball shoes have taken the industry by storm. When was the last time a player’s first signature shoe has been sold out immediately? Not even the Air Jordan 1 flew off the shelves like the Curry 1 and that shoe was a bargain in comparison. Now the Curry 2 has arrived and seems to be just as popular as its predecessor. And why wouldn’t it? The shoe features tech you’d expect in racing cars or fighter jets:

– Charged Cushioning
Full length Charged Cushioning™ absorbs impact and converts it into a responsive burst to make your first step and every change of direction explosive.

– Speedform
Innovative UA SpeedForm technology upper molds to the foot for a precision fit, eliminating all distraction. Control the game with seamless precision fit & quick feel UA Speedform technology.

– Floor Control
Multi-directional Organic Herringbone outsole offers maximum floor control & grip.

– Heel & Midfoot Shanks
Locked-in stability through heel, arch and forefoot that provides support and eliminates sliding.

The “Suit & Tie” colorway was released in December 2015 and more colorways are on the way. Check out the Curry 2 and more Under Armour products at KICKZ.COM.


Steph Curry – Action speaks louder than words

MVP and World Champion, Stephen Curry was overlooked coming out of high school, and his ability to improve was criticized on his way to the NBA. Draft reports challenged his athleticism, ball handling, and leadership. Stephen used those critiques as motivation and overcame his shortcomings.

Steph Curry highlights

And now sit back and relax Curry’s  unreal Finals performance and more highlights from the last two seasons. Steph Curry with the shot boy!


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