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2016 All-Star Game Collections

You could show up at the All-Star Game in your classic sneaker. You know, the one you’ve been wearing all season. You could keep it simple. Or you tune the volume up a bit and rock some nice kicks especially designed to give you that special All-Star entrance. What would you do? Well, an NBA player’s answer is pretty simple. Lights, camera, action … you know. Hence Nike, Adidas, Under Armour – just name anyone who’s got an athlete participating in Toronto – have got their own special collection, paying tribute to the biggest show on earth. The NBA All-Star Game 2016.

Nike’s “Royalty Collection”

And since this year’s clash of the best will take stage in Canada, the Great White North and the city of Toronto are both essential to the collections of the business’ biggest names. Just take Nike. To honor Toronto and the state of Canada, the Swoosh will come up with the „Royalty Collection“ which took inspiration from Toronto’s – you got it – „royal origins“, thereby giving every single sneaker a makeover that is more than worthy to be featured during an All-Star Game. So, of course, it’s not only about colorways. “Royalty Collection” sneakers feature removable patches, metal and leather overlays, and embroidery. In short: features that make every single sneaker just as unique as the players lending them their names.

The LeBron 13, for example, is built around a grey and military green upper which resembles Toronto’s winter weather. With its bright colors, Kevin Durant’s KD8, on the other hand, takes more of a happy approach. It’s an abstract mix that’s inspired by Toronto’s colorful flags. The Paul-George worn Hyperlive features a red upper that pays homage to the maple leaf.

We’ve talked about LeBron. About KD and PG. So one guy is still missing. One guy who will pass on the torch, who is about to have his final All-Star appearance. Kobe Bean Bryant is the name. Not only will the Mamba be part of the Western Conference’s starting lineup, he also received the most fan votes. Everyone wants to see Kobe. And Kobe, the gentleman he is, is definitely looking to be dressed appropriately. That’s why his Kobe 11s will shine in black and light green. A great colorway that resembles the northern lights that can be seen in Canada.

And since at KICKZ we take our educational mandate seriously, this leads us onto a little scientific excursion. Scientifically speaking, that is to say, the northern light is not the northern light. Scientifically speaking it is called Aurora Borealis. This might seem as some trivial background information that is better suited for a laid back round of „Who wants to be a Millionaire“.

Adidas’ “Aurora Borealis” Collection

D Lillard 2 Boost
Well, Adidas thinks differently. The 3-stripe brand calls its All-Star collection „Aurora Borealis“ – and takes the theme pretty seriously. Bright colors. Wild combinations. Adidas brings the Canadian polar sky right to your feet. They already dropped the D Lillard 2 Boost P which features PrimeKnit and a bright purple colorway. The only catch: the sneaker won’t be worn during the All-Star Game. At least not by Damian Lillard who has not been chosen to play in Toronto.

So obviously it is nice to have a safe bet. In Adidas’ case this save bet is a bearded one. During the off-season James Harden signed with Adidas and will be rocking the Crazy Light Boost 2.5 PE, his first almost signature shoe. Harden’s sneaker does not only introduce the JH13 logo, it also features the bright colors of the „Aurora Borealis“ collection, simultaneously kind of functioning as the Under Armor Curry 2’s counter part.

The Under Armour Curry 2 All-Star

Under Armour Curry 2 All Star 3 PT Contest on feet 3
Why? Because where Nike and Adidas put emphasis on bright colors and fancy colorways, UA went down the classic path, giving the reigning MVP an all-white version of his Curry 2 with red and gold features. Understatement in style, fanciness in game – so to speak. And rightfully so. Because sometimes, just sometimes, it is nice to see a shoe that actually fits the jumper. Well, and the socks. I mean, at least they’ve become part of a fashion statement as well. Especially since Stance has taken over as the official provider of the on-court sock for the NBA. So, of course, there is a special All-Star edition which draws on elements of the official game uniform. On the other hand, if the NBA had wanted plain red-and-white or blue-and-white socks it could have asked Sonya Curry to knit a couple – which brings us right back to fashion statements. Cause that’s why Stance’ 2016 All-Star collection features details that pay tribute to the host city Toronto. The Rising Stars Challenge version however glows in black and gold, a reminiscence to the Raptors’ alternate jerseys.

Jordan Brand goes Fashion

Speaking about fashion: What about Jordan Brand? They’ve decided to focus their All-Star collection on everything that can be worn off the court. Need a longsleeve? Why not try the Jordan Toronto 2016 one? It’s there to keep you warm and stylish at the same time, featuring some fresh logo prints on the chest and left sleeve. And since Toronto is known for its sometimes rough winter weather, Jordan decided to hook you up with a plain, simple Hoody that can be worn with just about everything. The Jordan Toronto 2016 Hoodie, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, and in case you should worry about freezing your head off, let me introduce you to the Jordan Toronto 2016 Beanie Cuff. A big 23 print. The jumpman. ‘Nuff said. Same goes for the Jordan Toronto 2016 Snapback which comes in all black. Same 23 print. Jumpman logo. The beanie’s snapback brother that will work perfectly with Jordan’s Toronto 2016 S/S T-shirt. A shirt that brings the Jumpman right back where it belongs. Printed big right on the chest.

The Ewing 33 HI All-Star

So you see. There is no keeping the foot off the gas. No room for understatement. The NBA All-Star Game’s stage is as big as it gets and everyone – from players to outfitter – is more than ready to use it! Even those who haven’t been an active part of the game for more than a decade. That’s why Ewing Athletics is launching its very own All-Star sneaker. The 33 HI All-Star features a maple leaf detailing on the tongue as well as a glow in the dark toe that pays homage to the Canadian flag. The cobalt blue and purple colorway resembles Toronto’s sports teams. Let the games begin!

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