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KICKZ Madness Bracket Challenge Winners



March Madness  2016 is over. So is our Bracket Challenge. More than 500 people filled out a bracket and sent it to us dreaming of being the first person on earth to get it perfectly right – and win a 5-year monthly sneaker supply from KICKZ.COM

We have seen a great tournament with a lot of upsets, incredible comebacks and wild buzzer beaters. And even if you did not know all players and schools I am pretty sure that you all shared the thrill with certain teams because your bracket saw them proceeding to the next round. In our internal challenge at  KICKZ headquarters office we have seen experts fail and noobs become fortunetellers. It was just a whole lot of fun.

We hope you also enjoyed this year’s challenge and came to love college basketball a little more. If you did not follow the tournament in detail there is a short recap with all highlights on our blog.

Unfortunately, nobody happened to have the perfect bracket, but let’s face it. It is so hard and you would need a good portion of luck. Nevertheless, we can present you 5 bracket experts, that earned the most points in the challenge.

Thanks to all participants and be prepared for next year!

1st Dominik won a pair of sneakers of his choice
2nd Berthold won a €100 voucher
3rd Ole won a €50 voucher
4th Nico won a €25 voucher
5th Justin won a €10 voucher

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