• MVP 2015/2016 Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry MVP 2015/2016

Let’s be honest. We did not really think that anybody else would be crowned the 2015/2016 MVP. Stephen Curry going back-to-back. You have to admit that triple double monster Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and some others have been serious contenders, fair enough. But Curry, once again, showed us a miraculous season with unbelievable performances and a consistency that has to be honored. The number of records he broke in this season is just amazing. And last night he broke another one: first ever MVP by unanimous vote. To celebrate we put together some highlights of Curry’s back-to-back MVP season.

Curry did not need much time to heat up. On the first night of the season when the Warriors were given the championship rings he turned up and finished the game with 40 points. Playing on a top level right from the start made him and the Warriors the number one championship candidate. They started with a 24-0 record which literally vaporized the old record of 15-0 (held by the 1948/49 Washington Capitals and 93/94 Houston Rockets). And that was only the start!

As the season went on Curry continued to shoot, pass and dribble in unparalleled fashion and everybody was wondering how to stop that guy. His pregame routine became an internet sensation. Showing off his ball handling and hitting threes from waaayyy behind the arc made fans flock to the arena to witness the superstar’s warm-up an hour before the actual game started.

And he didn’t stop. Winning game after game, hitting those threes from everywhere. He was just unstoppable, he was clutch.

Most 3 point field goals in a season

402. That is the number of three pointers Curry hit in the regular season. A number that is just amazing regarding that the record before was 286 (set by himself in the 2014-2015 season)

Most consecutive games with a three point field goal

He set the record in February and stretched the run to 152 games which beat the 127 games set by Kyle Korver by far.

73 – 9 regular season record

Although this is a team record and not an individual one it has to mentioned here. Curry’s role in the Warriors squad is so important that he had a huge impact to this outcome. He has been an absolute leader on the floor and the game is under his control when he is on the court.

Yet to come

The season isn’t over yet. After his injury in the first round of the playoffs a lot of people questioned the Warriors chances to proceed to the next round. Curry was lucky enough to return to the court after missing two weeks. And he returned with a bang. In his first game after the injury he lead his team to overtime where he scored 17 of the 21 Warriors points to win the game. “I’m here, I’m BACK.”

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  1. brad.miller@gmx.net' Brad Reply

    There is no doubt that he is the most valuable player in the nba at the moment. Like he scores from downtown and pushes his team is awesome! He is playing on a new level. I love to watch him and I wish the warriors the best in play offs.

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