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Do you remember the children‘s game “I spy with my little eye…”? Let’s try this one out. The game is on: I spy with my little eye someone who is fast, unstoppable and broke records after records? The Greatest of All Time, Michael Jordan himself ofc! Easy one, the next hint will be a little bit trickier (probably only true sneakerheads will know what I am getting at according to the caption… let’s see). I spy with my little eye something that is fast, unstoppable and breaking records? A jet, ofc! And not only any jet, the ultra-fast X-15 fighter jet to be exact. On to another round: I spy with my little eye someone who is able to bring the craziest inspirations and ideas together and always creates something big? None other than Nike’s famous shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, ofc!

Michael Jordan, NASA’s X-15 fighter jet and Tinker Hatfield – the best there ever were.500x1000px-ll-603be51a_raystock

That’s all well and good, but let’s try the next level of the game: What do you get when you mix a breeze of the glorious MJ, a portion of an aerodynamic fighter jet and a little bit of design genius? Any guesses? Pretty tough, I know, but there is only one correct answer: The Air Jordan XV! I spy with my little eye the AJ XV, which adorns the notorious MJ tongue, an aerodynamic design and an unique woven upper.

First released back in 1999, it is the first shoe after Michael Jordan’s retirement on January 13th that year. The first shoe not worn by him on court. The first shoe which never got the honor of being played in it by His Airness. After major releases of the Jordan Brand the last year, this release might be the most unexpected of retros and comes as a sheer surprise. Its inspiration and historic background may have potential, but the AJ XV has actually been one of the most polarizing Js in the line. This Jordan is a milestone, that is for sure, for several points: For the first time, the sneaker raised the question whether the shoes could sell without Jordan balling in these. Furthermore, mastermind Tinker Hatfield announced that the fifteenth would mark his final Air Jordan shoe of his long-lasting J-legacy. Inspired by two high-flyers – MJ and the jet -, the Jordan XV nonetheless divided the entire sneaker-community. Matter of taste, but it is definitely an absolutely extraordinary shoe.

The unorthodox silhouette resembles Michael Jordan’s famous facial expression – not the “Crying Jordan”!!!! The tongue of the shoe reminds you of MJ’s iconic tongue always sticking out when he dunks, shots and layups. The AJ XV features a Zoom Air sole, a hidden quick-lace system, a seamless dynamic-fit sleeve, Kevlar mesh uppers and a breathable leather pattern. Inscribing 23/6/15 on its heels, the fifteenth signature shoe pays further tribute to His Airness’ triumphant achievements: 23 referring to his shirt number, 6 to his 6 NBA championships and 15 to the fifteenth model in the Jordan family. Greatness on the heel!

Greatness was the one component the Jordan XV was promoting. Thus, MJ and Jordan Brand teamed up to find greatness in all sports. From basketball to baseball up to football, the essence was always greatness. Ray Allen, shooting guard of the Milwaukee Bucks, Derek Jeter, shortstop of the New York Yankees and Randy Moss, wide-receiver of the Minnesota Vikings, all inherited such talent, strength and effectiveness. Not for no reason did they become central figures of Jordan Brands’ marketing campaign for the Air Jordan XV. And do you remember “Overjoyed” by Mary J. Blige? This catchy tune still revives everyone’s memories of the Jordan XV and its advertisement. All this star potential, all pushing the XV, but people still kept wondering if the signature line was destined to see better days again.

This year’s release shows Jordan Brand’s devotedness and affection towards the polarizing icon. Get the Air Jordan XV Retro on Saturday, January 7th, here!



Air Jordan 15 Retro OG „Black & Varsity Red“
Black/Varsity-Red Anthracite
January 7th, 9 AM CET
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(credits: nike.com)


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