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Surprising underdogs, unforeseeable defeats and crucial buzzer beaters – the March Madness is just around the corner! The NCAA Tournament is one of the greatest sports events around the world – not least because the odds of picking the perfect March Madness Bracket are pretty low. By pretty low, we mean really really really low. Whether you root for the number one seed or the rank outsider, the chances of getting it right are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 – I do not even know how to pronounce this number, that’s 9.2 quintillion.

Assessing the tournament in advance and knowing about College basketball will probably help you achieve one tiny, tiny improvement, but either rolling the dices, flipping the coin, making wild guesses or analyzing previous data will not significantly increase your chances of predicting the exact series. Actually, it is more likely to get struck by lightning (1 in 3 000), shoot a hole-in-one (1 in 12 500), get a Royal Flush in Texas Hold’em AND beat someone who has four aces (1 in 165 million) or win the Powerball Jackpot (1 in 292,201,338). Having that in mind, you do not have to be a basketball player, NBA & NCAA enthusiast or even bandwagon-boy in order to participate in our super awesome KICKZ MADNESS 2017 BRACKET CHALLENGE! You, your beloved grandma, even your foolish dog, all of you will have round about the same odds of betting the perfect bracket. Get in on the madness, make the impossible possible – nobody on this whole planet has had the correct bracket in forever ever, forever ever –  and take the chance to win a five year sneaker supply from KICKZ.COM. Yes, you heard that right – one sneaker, every month, for five years, making it SIXTY sneakers for you!

Good luck with your perfect bracket – you will need it, after all, you need to beat the odds of 1 in 9.2 quintillion. No worries though, there are consolation prizes for the five best non-perfect brackets:

  1. One pair of shoes of your choice
  2. €100 voucher 
  3. €50 voucher 
  4. €25 voucher 
  5. €10 voucher 

A sneakerhead’s dream come true with the KICKZ MADNESS 2o17 BRACKET CHALLENGE. Check the rules of our competition and the scoring system beneath:




(Deutsche Version unten)

This is your chance to win a 5 year sneaker supply from KICKZ.COM. All you need to do for a chance to win is this:

Download our KICKZ tournament bracket posted above, fill it out and send it to gewinnspiel@kickz.com – simple as that!

The perfect bracket – picking every single winner in the tournament right – wins the jackpot: 5 year sneaker supply from KICKZ.COM (one monthly sneaker of his/her choice each month)!

Last chance to participate is Wednesday, March 15, 2016, 11:59 AM CET.


In case you want to know how we will analyze your sheet, here is the scoring system for your bracket:  There are 6 rounds to the NCAA tournament, for each correct winner picked, you are awarded points based on what round the winner is picked in. Learn more about Bracketology in our blog post from last year.

Bracket Scoring Systems
RND 1 RND 2 Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final 4 Championship
1pt 2pts 4pts 8pts 16pts 32pts

There is no legal recourse. No cash disbursement and/or replacement of the prize is possible.



Dies ist deine Chance auf ein 5 Jahre Schuhabo von KICKZ.COM. Alles, was du tun musst, um am Gewinnspiel teilzunehme:

1) Lade unser KICKZ Tournament Bracket herunter und 2) schicke es ausgefüllt an gewinnspiel@kickz.com – Ganz einfach!

Das perfekte Bracket – jeden Gewinner jeder einzelnen Begegnung richtig zu tippen – gewinnt den Hauptpreis: Ein Sneakerabo von KICKZ.COM für die nächsten 5 Jahre (einen Schuh nach Wahl pro Monat)!

Teilnahmeschluss ist Mittwoch, 15. März, 11:59 Uhr (MEZ).


Solltest du wissen wollen, wie wir dein Dokument auswerten werden, hier ist das Punktesystem für dein Bracket: Es gibt 6 Runden im NCAA Turnier. Für jeden richtig getippten Gewinner bekommst du Punkte. Mit jeder weiteren Runde erhöhen sich die Punktzahlen pro richtig getippten Spiel. Mehr zur “Bracketology” in unserem Blog Post vom letzten Jahr.

Bracket Punktesystem
RND 1 RND 2 Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final 4 Championship
1 Pkt 2 Pkte. 4 Pkte. 8 Pkte. 16 Pkte. 32 Pkte.

Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Ebenso ist die Auszahlung des Gewinns oder der Umtausch ausgeschlossen.

Last year’s NCAA champs, the Villanova Wildcats!


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