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Lately, there has been only one topic of conversation circulating in the sneaker community. It‘s a story about new beginnings, a story about innovation, a story about revolution, a story about success. Three decades ago, the sneaker world was forever changed and challenged by a bold shoe designer and his daring ideas. A controversial decision that would later on influence thirty years of sneaker history.

This March 2017, we are celebrating the milestone birthday of one of the most popular sneakers of all time. Whether you are a die-hard sneakerfreak or a rookie in the sneaker league, your shoe cabinet must not miss at least one model of the iconic shoe line. The entire month has been declared the ‚Month of Air‘ by Nike and I am right there with the Swoosh. Tinker Hatfield, the legendary shoe designer of the most legendary kicks released in the sneaker world, introduced the Air-cushioning technology with the original Air Max 1 in 1987. Air Max quickly spread from running to basketball, training and tennis, while at the same time becoming an element in coveted lifestyle products across the globe. A success story was born back in the 90s – and Nike has zero intentions of slowing down in the new millennium.

Dope OG releases mark the countdown to 26/03, better known as the official Air Max Day, and sneakerheads are on sneaker-watch. Camping out, endless queueing, taking part in raffles, buying pairs of the much coveted collection for a huuuuge amount of money from resellers – sneaker fans have quite a packed timetable in March.



In honor of the legacy of Air, we celebrate our very own KICKZ Air Max Week. Over the years, the Air Max series have been reimagined and retooled, but the heritage always remains. Even after 30 years, Air Max continues to evolve. Thus, we kick off our Air Max Week with the ONE BEFORE THE ONE. At Nike, zero is something. It represents the beginning, the initial thought, the stroke of genius from which great things are forged. 31 years ago, an idea was put on paper – it wouldn‘t become the first Nike Air Max, but without it, the Nike Air Max 1 would not exist. The sneaker we are talking about is Nike‘s latest masterstroke from 2015, the Nike Air Max Zero. Introducing the actual first step Nike made in the process of creating a revolution, the Zero is the revolution that never was. Little know that the Air Max technology had been invented earlier – it was rather felt than seen. According to Hatfield, the sensation of air underfoot needed to be expanded to other senses. We totally agree with the genius and in 1987, the legendary bubble became visible! This is the story that most know – but it is only half the truth.

Tinker Hatfield’s original sketch of the Air Max Zero. (photo credit: NIKE)

The Nike Air Max Zero was one of the actual concepts of the Air Max 1. Featuring supreme comfort and performance, the design iteration was way ahead of its time. Not just in regards to its appearance, but also in terms of the construction it requited. Putting it short, the shoe Hatfield had designed was too advanced to be produced. For 31 years, the sketch was getting dusty in Nike‘s archives. Luckily, someone seemed to have stumbled across the interesting drawing and the prodigal son was bound to return. Actually looking like a more contemporary version of the Air Max 1, the Air Max Zero was brought into life in a time where comfortable and form-fitting upper with a tipless vamp and external straps are the non plus ultra. Upping the ante by adding the latest Nike technologies, the AM Zero is an innovative salute from the past.




Stay tuned for our KICKZ Air Max Week! Seven days, seven specials – we will most definitely spoil you with our best kickz!



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