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Whether you are in charge of accounts or design the layout of a homepage, your job description does not necessarily describe you. You can be petty bourgeois and work in a hip agency or be funky and work in the IT sector. Unfortunately, a lot of us think in stereotypes and thus, automatically create a mental picture of a person working in a certain branch.

No matter how different our professional lifes may be, there are still some values, interests or quirks uniting a group of people who would not have considered themselves a group in the first place. Taking a look behind the scenes, we will introduce you to the one unifying love that all of us working at KICKZ share: shoe love is true love! Dope kicks, beautiful colorways and brilliant collabos – we are one group of sneaker lovers.

Transforming the month of March into the Air Max Month, Nike gave us the perfect chance to show off with some of our favorite Air Max models. From Accounting to Marketing, every Air lover got involved and dig out their fav sneaker with the famous bubble. Beloved kicks that will soon fall into pieces or collabos that are too rare to wear, the KICKZ Office has a variety of Air Max silhouettes to offer.

Celebrating the holy month, we share our Air with you. Get involved by snapping a photo of yourself with your favorite Air Max sneaker and share it on Facebook underneath our post! Business man, artist, teacher – everyone is welcomed to show us their “heat on feet”. Feel free to tell us the story of your favorite Air Max! We will extend our collage with your sneakers and create a community of Air Max lovers. Pay homage to one of the greatest sneakers of all time and celebrate Air with us!





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