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Last weekend, we added a new chapter to the books. The KICKZ x Adidas #SHUTUPANDPLAY made its debut on the AS1 streetball terrain (Alt-Stralau 1, 10245 Berlin), which was built in cooperation with adidas and Alba Berlin to give basketball a new home in Berlin. An open-air hardwood basketball court, two more cement courts amidst dozens of red containers, surrounded by a waterpark and a big chill-out area with deckchairs and wooden benches – this place was destined to be the location for this year’s #SHUTUPANDPLAY!
Located next to the Spree, in between the S-Bahn rails and a huge bridge, the AS1 site welcomed over 60 teams on the 14th, 15th and 16th of July. For the fourth annual tournament, the European streetball elite assembled in the german capital to honor our KICKZ claim: NEVER NOT BALLIN’!
Compared to previous SUAP locations, the AS1 was rather smaller and more exclusive – thus, the perfect opportunity to catch up with the local streetball community. It was a great experience to meet ballers and sneakerheads who share the same love for basketball. Familiar faces from our KICKZ Torstrasse events, notorious teams from the last years’ tournaments, popular influencers from Berlin’s music, fashion and basketball scene – the #SHUTUPANDPLAY felt more like a huge family get-together this year.


Teams from France, Poland, Switzerland and from all around Germany made their way to Berlin to take part in the KICKZ x adidas #SHUTUPANDPLAY, definitely the most prestigious 3-on-3 tournament in Germany. Der Stamm, our Nation of Hoop Team, Team Weightroom, Team Süd and Team Klutsh were on everyone’s lips and the opponents to fear. Especially Der Stamm, whom we have seen one week earlier at the Quai 54 World Streetball Championship in Paris, and the K1X sponsored Nation of Hoop, who won the tournament in previous years, were the crowd puller and kept the audience moving from one court to the other.
 Speaking of the audience, it was a blast to welcome all spectators from near and far. The crowd was a colorful mixture of the most different personas – Berlin’s multiculturalism at its best. Even if we had some bad luck with the weather, the few raindrops did not stop the crowd from cheering for the best dunks, crossovers and shots from downtown.
Highlight of Saturday’s agenda was the Slam Dunk Contest. None other than the Dunk Elite itself did the honor of competing in the contest with three other challengers from Poland and Germany. The crew, who are known worldwide for their spectacular and acrobatic dunks, are sponsored by K1X and thus, were equipped with brand-new hoop gear from the Nation of Hoop in our KICKZ Torstrasse store the day before. On Saturday – K1X Paradoxum and Anti-Gravity on their feet – it was showtime for the Dunk Elite members Lipek, Hulk, Miller and Flight. Our colleague Philip was chosen to be part of the Dunk Jury. Do you want to know who took off and took the Slam Dunk Contest trophy home? Read all about Philip’s experience in his blog-entry “The Jury: Being a Judge in the SUAP Slam Dunk Contest featuring the Dunk Elite”.



While the crowd was busy taking in the great atmosphere, eating delicious Jamaican food, putting on some sunscreen and vibing to the brilliant DJ Boogie Dan (you have to check him, he’s great: https://soundcloud.com/dj-boogie-dan), one team after the other had to exit from the #SHUTUPANDPLAY.


After three qualification tournaments within two and a half days, the Final was destined to take place on the Maincourt around 6 PM on Sunday. The weather god didn’t mean well for us, so the teams and the audience switched from the hardwood to the street. As a matter of fact, it was the better suited location for the final of a streetball tournament. Our team Nation of Hoop fought their way through and ended up facing Team Süd, whom they had played against in the group stage of the tournament. After losing this match-up on Friday, the Nation of Hoop was back with eagerness on Sunday. What a game! Grimly determined, only one game away from becoming the #SHUTUPANDPLAY Winner 2017 and winning 4000€, both teams fought wildly and collected fouls after fouls. It was a tight game, but the last seconds were in favor of the Nation of Hoop. Brian Butler, Fredi Henningsen, Kosta Karamatskos and Andreas Kronhardt of the Nation of Hoop won the hard-earned trophy and can call themselves this year’s SUAP champs.
Dear Berlin, dear Dunk Elite, dear Ballers, dear Streetball fans, thank you for yet another awesome #SHUTUPANDPLAY tournament and streetball at its finest. It was a blast! For all our pictures, check the shutupandplay 3-on-3 Tournament Facebook Page!
See you next year, folks.

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