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Redefine what is possible. Challenge the existing. Do more and go further!

This summer, Nike is debuting a revolution. It’s a significant breakthrough in footwear foam and the name says it all: Nike React! Never has a cushioning system in the Swoosh’s history been as reactive as this one.


Let them Ballers speak!

The Nike design teams did a great job with the React cushioning system, but success is no accident. It was rather hard work to redefine what is possible. They took the rare trifecta of the attributes LIGHTWEIGHT, RESILIENT and DURABLE and challenged this trio of benefits. Thus, the road to Nike React began with testing different ingredients to see which composition would yield the perfect outcome. The result? One to be proud of. Listening to the voice of the athlete, the design process was powered by athlete data. 2 000 hours of basketball testing – how players move, in what direction and with which force they move, how they land, where they land – were endured in the Nike Sports Research Lab in order to develop pressure maps for the foot that show exactly where an athlete needs support. This was the very first crucial step to a full optimization of cushioning and traction.

Simply put, the Nike innovation teams developed the Nike React in order to deliver a greater energy return than any other Nike basketball foam before. On the one hand, the full-length foam pad reacts swiftly to every quick cut and every step, is soft and springy, but on the other hand, it bounces back in its original state, is stable and ensures a consistent underfoot. The Swoosh developed a shoe that makes you feel just as fresh in the end of a game as you feel in the beginning. No fatigue legs after jumping, cutting and going up for a rebound – mission completed! 


360 Degrees of Comfort

The Nike React mastered the promising triangle of being lightweight, resilient and durable all at the same time. In addition to the outstanding responsive foam, Nike went for 360 degrees of comfort. The products are considered to be a whole shoe experience – from the cushioning system to a soft material on the upper, the Nike performance shoes are thoroughly thought through. As I have already explained, the foam, covering the entire foot, delivers a smooth and responsive ride and brings the necessary energy back to the player. Equally important is the injected Phylon foam carrier, which houses the foam and provides a more stable platform. It keeps the foam underneath your foot, locked in where it belongs. The solid rubber outsole has a multi-directional traction pattern, informed by pressure mapping, to deliver targeted grip. The integrated tongue for seamless feel locks the basketball player down on that cushioning and rests against the foot. The icing on the top is the flight web lacing system, providing a dynamic lockdown – the lacing runs underneath the tongue, serving for a perfect fit.


Do more and go further!

Let’s have a closer look at the brand-new Nike products. The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 was introduced by none other than the Jordan Athlete Blake Griffin. The performance shoe is designed for a player like the Power Forward of the Los Angeles Clippers. Going up for a rebound, ballers like Griffin rely on a second jump. The Nike React gets you the response you need. The pods, integrated in the Jordan Super.Fly’s sole, give the most cushioning and traction experienced in a Jordan performance shoe. The goal: zero distraction and no movement inside the shoe. 4 zones are equipped with the traction pieces that make you superior for every cut and crossover. The OG colorways that are used for this year’s Super.Fly are distinctively Jordan as well. The premium suede upper offers durability and comfort while the synthetic leather heel with an anatomical internal padding provides stability. The sensitive upper might be rather difficult for balling outside, though. As soft as the material is, it might get dirty quite easily.


Longer. Harder. Fresher.

The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 was debuted by the champ himself, Draymond Green. The Golden State Warriors’ Power Forward and last year’s Finals champion was the first to wear the Hyperdunk with the React cushioning. The shoe comes in a Flyknit version as well as in an engineered mesh version. Its characteristic: Complex simplicity. The minimalistic aesthetics on the Hyperdunk, which was originally introduced in 2008 and became the epitome of Nike Basketball design, take a modern approach on a classic look. More innovative, more durable, more bounce – the Hyperdunk delivers an optimal court feeling, especially for Allround players such as Green and Griffin. Taking inspiration from design lines in the past and creating silhouettes for the future was the big deal in this year’s design process. The Flyknit Upper follows a familiar 80s style topline with a contemporary material twist. The Hyperdunk has a decoupled collar, which allows for natural mobility and a customizable fit. This detail strikes and seems unusual at first glance, but our KICKZ Weartest of the Nike React model will examine this technical innovation carefully. Stay tuned for further details on our blog!


All in all, there is a springy sensation to the Nike React. Whether it can bear up against recent cushioning systems of competing sports brands has to be examined, but one thing is for sure: From a design perspective, Nike brought style to a basketball performance shoe. This complex simplicity I was talking about earlier – which is directly quoted from Ross Klein, designer of the Nike Hyperdunk 2017 – makes sure that the basketball shoes can be worn On- and Off-Court as well. Deciding on the colorways for the React models was an essential part of the design process since the elementary color palette helps the performance shoe to make it to the streets. Bridging the gap between parquet and asphalt is an inevitable task for future design procedures.

And come on, it’s the champion’s choice. Draymond Green hasn’t earned a ring only due to his notorious kicks in people’s nuts, the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 must have certainly helped him to play an impressive Finals series.

The Global Launch for both React models is the 3rd of August, 2017. Stay tuned and visit KICKZ.com for more information!




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