KICKZ Performance Review: Nike Kyrie 6

Photo by Albi Quito (2020)

No better feeling than getting back in the gym after this long quarantine break ⛹️. And it just gets better in a fresh pair of kicks. Hi, this is Ray, I’m the new kid on this blog and I will be reviewing the Nike Kyrie 6 for today. Before this gig, I was putting sneakers to the test for the Paladins Blog (German).

So with that said, let me give you a brief introduction. I run both guard positions for the Vienna Paladins and even though I love putting up threes (🤷‍♂️), I would define myself more as a defender than anything else. My playing style translates directly into what characteristics I am looking for in a performance sneaker. That and my history of ankle injuries, make traction and support essential for me. So without further ado, let‘s take a look at Kyrie IRVING‘s latest signature model.


If you are looking for variety, this may be the right choice for you, as the Kyrie 6 has been released in multiple colorways. The one I have in hand, is the USA version, which was originally made for this year‘s Olympics in Tokyo. Taking a closer look at this performer, Uncle Drew‘s newest shoe features a traditional basketball silhouette and may remind people of the Nike Yeezy 2 with the way the look has been constructed (panels, materials and midfoot strap). What Nike however did not intend with these, was designing a lightweight. With 430 g, these are heavy compared to most current sneaker options and are in the same ballpark as the Nike Zoom KD11 (429 g).


While the front is dominated by mesh, Nike opted for a premium approach in the rear and applied, depending on the colorway, panels of genuine leather or suede in the back area. Personally, I really appreciate that extra mile but really wished I had the leather instead of the suede. I think it just feels much nicer and wraps smoother around the ankles. The suede on mine just felt a bit stiff and so did the mesh. As premium materials give the shoe a nicer touch, the downside is additional grams on the scale. Nevertheless, performance wise, no complaints. The materials adjust nicely to your movements and look durable.


Nike uses what they call “360 grip” on this one. That is basically a multidirectional pattern on the outsole. They definitely made no mistakes with that, as this setup works really really well. I did not feel any inconsistencies while running, cutting or changing speed or directions. It always felt reliable and with occasional wiping, you’ll be fine even on dusty courts.


Another personal highlight is the cushion. For me, this was the first time with an Air Zoom Turbo unit underfoot and I really liked how it was bouncy yet gave me the court feel to get off the floor for sprints and lateral movements quickly. Underneath the heel, Nike went with “just” foam. And even though tech was missing, that wasn’t necessarily too bad, as it still offered solid impact protection.


Very snug! Right out of the box, I had big doubts about these. I wasn‘t sure, if I would even be able to run in these. The fit is the part of this shoe, that I found to be the most challenging. The sneaker is quite narrow. Lengthwise though, it fits perfectly. So I went true to size but definitely had to get used to that snug fit. Especially in the toe box, were it felt like everything was jammed together. Some break-in time will improve that feeling and you should be good to go. If you get a chance though, try them on before purchase. These may not fit the way your size normally would and you may need to move up to find your perfect fit.


Solid, nothing spectacular. High collar that hugs your ankle and unlike many other current models, actually gives you feedback around the ankles. Additional padding in the rear and the snug fit keep you locked down onto the footbed and prevents the foot from sliding off it. If you really need it, you can use the strap to tighten it up more. Only concern was the rounded and relatively narrow base, that made it a bit unsteady for me.

Bottom Line

First time in a Kyrie shoe and I quite enjoyed the ride. Support was solid but the best features on these are the cushion and the traction. What I did not like too much, was the extra weight and the fit is tough. Even after it broke-in, it would still give me some occasional pinching and jamming. Going up half a size could have been the solution widthwise, but then I would have given up the perfect fit lengthwise ‍️🤷‍♂️. So not ideal, but I stuck to my regular size. With a price tag of EUR 130,- these join the battle in the highly competitive mid-range price segment. However, they can definitely hold their own in that category and deliver tech and elements well worth their money (Air Zoom Turbo, premium materials). If you’re interested in buying these, they are currently available in multiple colorways on


Let me know, if there is anything else, you would like to know about this shoe. Also let me know, how you did with them! Find me on Instagram & Twitter under @ONEtothe2.

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    Glad I came across this. I appreciated the thorough and insightful review. Pretty balanced descriptions of what’s good and what you didn’t like. Love how you covered all bases with the summary ratings at the end. Really helpful in decision-making. Oh and thanks for the tips on the break-in and straps! Looking forward to your other reviews!

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