Air Jordan 1 ‘Tokyo’

a short film by

Kon’nichiwa, ballers, this is part II of the Jordan Tokyo saga. Making a triumphant return from its 2001 Co.JP pack release, it has been high time for a sequel. In the eternal fight between good and evil, the Air Jordan 1 Tokyo will tip the scales and spin your head. Produced and directed by our KICKZ film studio this is a story inspired by classic Japanese hero vs villains encounters. Where in the land of the rising sun the code of honor requires combatants to meet up before the big fight. Lock eyes and see what you’re made of. It’s the way of the samurai – Flying baller, hidden ninja. In honor of its upcoming release we proudly present the world premiere of our short film for the highly anticipated Air Jordan 1 Tokyo. Lights out! Take your seats and bow your heads…


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  1.' Isaac Salgado Reply

    Very nice short film. Embodies everything about the culture of the shoe.

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