In the shadow of his first collab shoe with PUMA, we had an exclusive chance to chitchat with Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma. Of course we talked about everything fashion related but we also asked him about the championship season with LA and life inside the bubble. If you want to know what he thinks about Lederhosen and which part of the creation process for the Puma Clyde All-Pro Kuzma Mid he enjoyed the most, you have to peep the whole interview.


FIVE: The championship is still fresh. Any funny story you can tell from the celebrations apart from Quinn Cook missing the team bus?

Kyle Kuzma: Winning a championship has hands down been one of my greatest accomplishments. It still feels like we won it yesterday! I wouldn’t necessarily say there were funny stories more than we had memorable ones – all of us together in the locker room afterwards, holding the trophy and knowing we were playing for a larger purpose while achieving a common goal.

You seemed to have started early in your season preparation. With the off season being extremely short, how do you feel physically right now?

I feel great and am excited to start this new season. We’re living in unprecedented times and just being able to be with my teammates and play basketball means more now than ever. I’m excited to get back on the court.

Is there anything particular part of your game you are working on?

I wouldn’t say any particular part, I’d say every part. Every day I work to get better as an all-around athlete and to be ready to take on whatever role the team needs at that time.

What was the first thing you did at home after you came out of the NBA bubble?

I went to see my dog Snoh! She was weeks old when I went into the bubble. It was nice to be at home too with my family and friends.

Who are your best friends in the league?

I form a special bond with All of my teammates especially during our time in the bubble.

 Of which one of your friends in the league would you take fashion advice from?

Great question! I’m not sure if I would take anyone’s advice. I have a distinct vision when it comes to fashion and wear what’s most authentic to me. But I might take a couple of pointers lol.

Last year we talked to two friends of yours, Josh Hart and Donovan Mitchell, and asked them who is the best dresser in the league. What’s your answer?


As fashion has become a more important part of the game, how would you describe your own style and what is it inspired by?

My style has evolved during my time in the league. Currently it’s more simplistic. This season I plan to showcase my style in a different way than ever. Stay tuned!

How long does it take you to pick out your clothes in the morning?

It depends on what I’m doing for the day. If it’s a game day, I don’t take too much time because I work with my stylist creating outfits for games and they’re usually already planned.

What’s the most often you have changed outfits in a single day?

Changing outfits happens at least four times a day with work outs, so I try to sneak in a track jacket or my favorite pair of Pumas when I’m on the go.

If we had a party tonight (and there was no Corona) and we’d say, “dress to impress”, what would you wear? Give us a head to toe rundown.

I would definitely be wearing the Clyde All-Pro Mid Kuzma x Rhuigi and Childhood Dreams cargo pants and a fire hoodie!

For you what’s the most important thing in a basketball shoe?

I would say comfort and support. The matryx material and ProFoam+ are two good technologies I like in a shoe.

 What do you like most about your new shoe?

It’s a fashion-first shoe that you can wear to dress up or down any outfit. It’s versatile in that aspect and like that. It looks good on the court but even better in tunnel walks to the game!

How does it feel to follow the footsteps of a legend like Clyde Frazier while working together with Puma?

Puma has such a long history in basketball and Clyde was a pioneer in the fashion, basketball space. With Puma’s reemergence in the category, they’ve stayed true to who they are, tying culture, fashion and music together like Clyde did.

As Puma is located in South Germany, is there a possibility that we see you walking through the tunnel rocking ‘Lederhosen’?

I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

How important are accessoires for you, when you’re preparing the next outfit?

Accessories are so versatile. They can amplify an outfit. I don’t wear a lot of accessories but do like necklaces and watches. A nice Puma hat is always good too!

Moe Wagner recently told us that cozyness is the key for every of his looks – especially on gameday. Can you feel his statement or is ‘drip’ the most important thing for you?

My thought process on game looks change from game-to-game based on if I’m on the road in a cold city or at a home game. Being comfortable is key but also being able to mix and match pieces like a PUMA lifestyle shoe with dress pants and a sweatshirt.

Which part of the design process was the one you liked most?

I had ideas in my head of how I wanted the shoe to look but it really came to be when we were going over materials and seeing how we elevate this to a fashion-first shoe.

How did the connection between Puma, Rhude and you happen?

Rhuigi and I have been friends for a while and then we were both partners of Puma. Creating a shoe together was something we wanted to do together, and it turned out great!

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