KICKZ Performance Review: Jordan Why Not Zer0.4

Photo by Albi Quito (2021)

Hey and welcome back to another KICKZ Performance Review. This time we are having a look at the Jordan Why Not Zer0.4. Testing these was something I have definitely been waiting for as the whole Russell WESTBROOK line in general, has low-key developed into my favorite signature series of recent years. Pretty underrated in my opinion as I have been rocking the Why Nots from the Zer0.1 to this recent iteration and have made quite a lot of positive experiences along the way. So needless to say, that I was very curious to see what these would bring to the table.


Let’s talk about the weight first. The Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 comes in at 382 g and weighs pretty much the same as the WNZ.3 (380 g). For the record, I have previously also played in the WNZ.1 Low (404 g) and the WNZ.2 SE (406 g), which were both a bit heavier than this model. The only lighter WESTBROOK shoe that I have tested was the Jordan Westbrook One Take (370 g), if you consider it a part of this signature line. Having a look at the visual design, you’ll see a pretty basic mid cut silhouette with a slightly decoupled outsole, which is really brought to life by the vibrant colorways that are currently available. I find the “Upbringing” to be especially interesting as the shoes are mismatched and come in different colors. If you are a fan of collaborations, there is one design that features a crossover with Japanese fashion brand FACETASM. This model has definitely released in a couple of nice color options.


Jordan Brand used a mix of multiple materials, which slightly differs from colorway to colorway. The brand itself states to be using combinations of “textiles, synthetics and skins that are lightweight and breathable”. Inspecting the “Upbringing”, I don’t think I really have major complaints here. Some of the materials felt a bit nicer than others but I think that can be expected, when many different ones are being used. In general, these do not necessarily have the most premium touch and some parts felt somewhat basic. However, I never had any doubts about the fabrics. They would definitely get the job done and feel soft and light while doing so. Another bonus is the break-in time, which is basically non-existent.


This part of the shoe was a little inconsistent and unfortunately a fair way off from how the WNZ.1 Lows performed for me, which are still one of my favorites when it comes to traction. Looking at the WNZ.4, these did not have the hardest bite but would still allow solid stops. At least on forward and backward movements. When it comes down to laterals, that’s where you could notice some inconsistencies and slide out on hard lateral movements. The other concern I had was the traction pattern itself. The randomly distributed rubber knobs are a bit thin and do not quite look super durable. So be careful, when using these on the blacktop.


One of my favorite parts on the WNZ.4 is the cushioning setup, which incorporates a double-stacked Zoom Air bag in the forefoot. This definitely provides some good bounce and feels pretty comfortable. However, this comes a little bit at the cost of court feel, which is not the greatest in this one but is still solid. In the heel, Jordan Brand went with just foam, which I personally don’t mind too much as impact protection was still good enough for me. Nicely executed cushioning!


These felt great from the get-go. My feet sat comfortably on the footbed and did not perform any uncalled-for movements. I think the upper is doing its part in terms of lateral containment as well and wraps around the feet nicely without producing unwanted dead space or pinching. Additionally, what I have always valued in the Why Not series is the padding and molding in the heel area. Not only does it take care of heel containment, it also adds to the shoe’s comfortability. Great fit. Go true to size.


Solid. Not too much more you can really wish for. As mentioned above, lateral and heel containment work quite well and overall stability is also solid. The only two things that I could think of are a wider base and a higher collar that wraps around the ankles. But even without those, I felt stable and safe playing in these. In the end, I did not really miss those features.

Bottom Line

Excited to play in another shoe from the WESTBROOK line and to witness how it has evolved over the years. As mentioned in the beginning, I have collected quite positive experiences with this signature series and the Why Not Zer0.4 is no exception to that. Overall, I would describe this shoe as a well balanced performer. While you could experience some inconsistencies with the grip, everything else works solidly from a performance standpoint. Especially the cushioning with its double stacked Zoom units feels really great underfoot. At a price of EUR 140,- these might even be one of the better options from the mid-range price segment. I definitely enjoyed playing in these.


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