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It’s that time of the year again. People keep on reviewing their choices, their achievements, their Ws and their Ls. Sneakerheads do that as well – in another kind of way though. We SEE our good and bad decisions right in front of our eyes: in our shoe cabinet! Bargain shopping at the mall gone […]

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Whether you are in charge of accounts or design the layout of a homepage, your job description does not necessarily describe you. You can be petty bourgeois and work in a hip agency or be funky and work in the IT sector. Unfortunately, a lot of us think in stereotypes and thus, automatically create a mental picture of a person working […]

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KICKZ PICKZ – Office Edition

Welcome to the second edition of our new series KICKZ PICKZ in which we introduce our staff’s favorite items from the current collections. Last time we paid a visit to KICKZ Monaco, our oldest store. This time around we stayed in our headquarter and talked to 4 members of the family who work in various departments […]

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