KICKZ encourages community dialogue and welcomes you to participate in our blog comments. However we kindly ask you to follow the basic rules of internet behaviour known as netiquette.

While we look forward to an open exchange of ideas, we understand that some moderation is necessary. We certainly will not censor members for expressing an opinion that is respectfully expressed. However, even within an open blog such as this, we feel it important to outline certain guidelines of conduct.

Here are 5 simple rules:

1. Be Respectful

Personal attacks, hateful, racially or ethnically derogatory comments, and harassment against other participants in the community will not be tolerated. You can certainly disagree with one another, but be respectful and keep your comments relevant to the topic of conversation. Meaning, do not start telling us about your cat, even if you named her Vans.

2. Avoid Nasty Language

Foul, obscene or sexually explicit language or other content that a reasonable person would find objectionable is not permitted. While we admit that “reasonable” covers a large area, we are sure you know what we mean. Just keep it clean like a white pair of Air Force 1s.

3. Don’t Spam

Advertisements, solicitations or promotions will not be allowed. This is a KICKZ blog and while we certainly respect and appreciate our competitors we can not allow references or even links to our competitors on our turf.

4. Don’t feed the trolls

There are people out there who write comments for the sole purpose to provoke and trigger some sort of aggressive reaction. Do not get baited into a senseless discussion about why velcro is so much better than laces. Do not feed the trolls and they go away.

5. Make Yourself at Home

Remember, this is your community. Don’t be shy to chime in. Feel free to express yourself, ask questions and mix it up. Ballers, sneakerheads, collectors of all nations and creeds and everyone who remotely identifies with what we do is welcomed here. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. This blog is for you.