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Opinion: Confirmation Bias In psychology confirmation bias describes the tendency to confirm one’s own assumptions and expectations. Within this construct information and circumstances are unconsciously selected, interpreted and weighted in such a way that they fit into the existing worldview. For example, anyone who thinks that climate change and global warming is nonsense will quickly […]

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CLICK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR BRACKET Surprising underdogs, unforeseeable defeats and crucial buzzer beaters – March Madness is just around the corner! The NCAA Tournament is one of the greatest sports events around the world – not least because of the famous Bracket-Challenge. Even though the odds of winning the bracket-challenge are pretty low, millions of people around the […]

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Hoping. Waiting. Wishing. – The 2016 NBA Draft

Waiting is tough. No one enjoys it. Especially if he’s waiting for his biggest dream to come true. A dream, that is most likely to change his life forever. That said, for some talents the NBA draft might feel like torture. Remember Bobby Portis? Having been projected a mid-lottery pick last year, he had to wait. […]

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