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An interview with Omar Epps: “The 90s have a special place in my heart” As we were looking for the right person to represent our 25th anniversary #NeverNotBallin Champion Capsule Collection we identified these must-have ingredients: basketball, 90s hip hop & NYC street fashion. We are glad we found Omar Epps.   KICKZ: Omar, people […]

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Kristaps Porzingis: Meet & Greet with The Porzingod at KICKZ Torstrasse

Last Friday, we had the honor to host a meet & greet with one of the NBA’s rising stars in our KICKZ Tortrasse store in Berlin. Not any star though. Ladies and Gentlemen, standing at a towering 7′ 3″, born in Latvia, number 6,  from the New York Knicks, the Unicorn, the Porzingod, the one […]

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Black Fives: Interview with Claude Johnson

Every year in February, Americans celebrate Black History Month to honor the achievements of African-American pioneers and role models. It’s become a tradition for the major sportswear companies to release special editions of their sneakers and apparel lines. For example, the release of Nike’s 2016 Black History Month Collection is right around the corner. But […]

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